Mission and Vision

The mission of the Department

is to conduct research by following the local and international publications about all the fields of linguistics which investigates language in a scientific way, to contribute to our native language that is Turkish and, in general, to linguistics, to produce knowledge, to extend this knowledge into universal dimensions, to raise qualified individuals who will find out the notions of language, save, improve and transmit them to further generations.

The vision of the Department

is to be a pioneering department that would help its country go beyond the modern civilization with the education it provides and the knowledge it produces, to be a department the graduates and members of which take pride in national and international environments; to contribute to the raising individuals who are internationally preferred, knowledgeable, free-minded and creative, who are able to think critically and open to new developments.


is to raise researchers who are well-able to follow the local and international publications about the all fields of linguistics, to produce and question new knowledge, to extend the acquired knowledge to universal dimensions, to contribute to our native language, Turkish and in general to linguistics with personal experience.

Hacettepe University Department of English Linguistics
06800 Beytepe Ankara
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Update - March 2020